Industrial Wastewater Energy Cohort


Idaho Power’s Industrial Wastewater Energy Cohort is a two-year collaborative of workshops with peers and industry experts available to participants who want to lower the cost of wastewater treatment through education and technical assistance.

Reduce your energy costs without capital projects

Participants will learn proven energy efficiency strategies for the industrial wastewater sector and receive support for implementation and energy savings. Participants save an average of 6%, but savings range from 0% to 20% or more depending on the participant’s commitment and the opportunities. Our goal is to help you achieve meaningful savings without capital expenditures.

Learn from us and your peers

Coaches will provide the organizational and technical support you need to reduce energy costs at your industrial wastewater facility. Experts will share tips and tricks, but will never ask nor expect you to share proprietary information. Together, we can help you improve your operations and maintenance practices to discover hidden energy savings. In-person site visits and remote, interactive trainings are facilitated by experienced wastewater professionals, with site-specific support provided between trainings. Remote trainings will be delivered in small blocks of time, at roughly monthly intervals, to avoid burdening Operations & Maintenance (O&M) staff. We’ll will also spend a day with your O&M staff to hunt for energy saving opportunities. This high-value offering is provided at no cost to qualifying Idaho Power customers.

Reduce your energy costs while maintaining effluent quality

The cohort works with you to provide the necessary focused education and tools to reduce your energy footprint without impacting safety, water quality or reliability. In fact, as the cohort alumni attest, plants typically run better, improve treatment and lower maintenance costs.

Program Goals

  • Help participants reduce their current energy footprint through low- or no-cost operational adjustments.
  • Establish a long-term, customized strategic energy management (SEM) system for each facility.
  • Establish and reinforce your relationship with your Idaho Power energy advisor and Idaho Power’s programs so that energy efficiency is addressed at the beginning of all future retrofit or new construction work.

Program Elements

2 year Engagement

  • Energy Teams
  • Remote Training
  • Optimizing Equipment
  • Energy Performance Tracking
  • On-Site Support
  • Capital Project Development and Implementation

Want to Participate?


Curtis Willis
Idaho Power Program Engineer

OR find your key account energy advisor at

Note: Terms and conditions apply. Actual savings will vary by customer’s energy use, rate schedule and implemented opportunities.