Engineering Internships

Engineering Internships

The Idaho Power engineering internship program offers exciting, paid opportunities for the future leaders of the energy industry to gain experience solving real-world challenges. Each summer, college students from across the United States are paired with Idaho Power engineering mentors to work on projects that complement the theories and practices they learn in class. Through mentorship, summer projects, opportunities to cross-train and job shadow — as well as field trips! — they learn about the complex systems that deliver energy to customers in today’s high-tech electrical grid.

The ideal internship candidate will be currently enrolled in an accredited program as a junior or non-graduating senior. The internship generally lasts three to four months, beginning in May/June and ending in August/September, depending on the student’s school schedule.

Gain Real-World Experience

While you’re with us, you’ll gain valuable real-world work experience, test out career choices, and develop professional skills and relationships that will benefit you in your career ahead. Interns are assigned to engineering focused, short-term projects and may assist employees with regular work assignments. Focus areas may include:

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Advanced Distribution Feeder Modeling

Use Synergi Electric modeling and analysis software to validate feeder breaker relay models and settings. Using the model data and software, the intern will calculate and update arc flash incident energy values for the Idaho Power distribution system.

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Electrical Plan Analysis

Forecast load growth and identify the impact of distributed energy resources (such as rooftop solar), electric vehicles and the electrification of housing. Gain experience modeling the electric system of the future using PowerWorld and identifying the need for new substations and transmission lines.

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Water Resources

Work with the Operations Hydrology, River Engineering and Stream Gaging groups to collect field data and apply it to the management of hydropower resources. Assist with evaluating hydrologic models within Idaho Power’s hydro-forecasting system, including rainfall-runoff models, groundwater models, and models of reservoir regulation.

What Our Interns Say

This internship has been an invaluable experience for me as I finish my degree. I have always enjoyed being outdoors and knew that finding a career balancing field and office time would be my priority. Idaho Power showed me just how possible that is! My days were divided between exciting projects such as power plant operations studies and days spent on the Snake River. I learned how important the environment and, subsequently, the community is to Idaho Power.

Taylor Reid, Boise State University Civil Engineering

Smiling intern Taylor

My summer internship encouraged me to be open to many possibilities. Idaho Power’s value for safety drove the heart of my main project, which was calculating and analyzing data that help protect our linemen and technicians when they work on our lines. I also got the opportunity to shadow field engineers and go on tours that explored how expansive Idaho Power’s work really is. It was refreshing to see how the concepts I’m learning in school are applied in everyday work life.

Melissa Golo, Boise State University Electrical Engineering

Smiling intern Melissa

This experience has been truly exceptional and has provided me with valuable insights into the power industry. Idaho Power’s internship program stands out for its immersive approach. Throughout the program, I had the opportunity to collaborate and gain exposure to a wide range of functions within the organization. Idaho Power’s supportive and welcoming work environment left a profound impact on me. The people I had the pleasure of working with were nothing short of exceptional.

Laila Saadi, Boise State University Electrical Engineering

Smiling intern Laila