Foothills to Emmett Transmission Line Upgrade

Project Need

Safety and reliability are two of Idaho Power’s most important values. Maintaining and upgrading power lines and other equipment helps us live up to those values.

That’s why Idaho Power plans to rebuild the 138-kilovolt transmission line that runs between Boise and Emmett. Starting just north of the Boise River, the project will stretch about 35 miles as it crosses the Boise foothills to a point near the Emmett Substation on East Main Street in Emmett.

The upgraded line will enable more energy to flow between the two cities, improving reliability as more people and businesses move to the Treasure Valley.

We’ll replace existing wood poles with steel structures that are more resistant to fire. We’ll also add shield wires to protect the line from lightning, which can knock out power and spark wildfires.

Seventy-five years have passed since the Foothills to Emmett line was built. The line has performed well, but much of its equipment needs to be updated. By rebuilding the line with newer, stronger equipment, we can continue our long tradition of providing reliable energy to customers in the growing communities of Ada and Gem counties.

Public Involvement

As part of the Foothills to Emmett Transmission Line Upgrade, we are committed to informing and working with landowners near the project and the public.

Idaho Power hosted a series of public open house meetings in 2022 to:

  • introduce the project.
  • explain the need for and purpose of the project.
  • explain plans to replace the existing transmission line, pre-construction and construction activities.
  • address questions and comments.
  • work directly with landowners along the transmission line.


  • Public outreach: Spring 2022 – Late 2025
  • Permitting: Fall 2022 – Fall 2023
  • Pre-construction: Fall 2023
  • Vegetation management: Fall 2023
  • Construction: Fall 2023 – Late 2025
  • Restoration: Late 2025

More Information

Project Fact Sheet

Project Map

Project Slide Presentation

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Contact Us

If you have questions or comments about the Foothills to Emmett Transmission Line Upgrade, contact:

Sven Berg

Or mail your questions to:
Idaho Power
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Boise, ID 83707

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