No-loss Condensate Drain


No-loss air drain valves, also known as zero-loss drain traps or no-loss drains, continuously measure for condensate and remove it only when needed. Removing condensate is important to the air quality levels required by your equipment. No-loss drains remove condensate from compressed air systems with no associated loss of compressed air. They are typically installed at the compressor, air dryer, filter, storage tank or at any point in the piping where moisture might collect. No-loss drains open a valve only when signaled by the condensate level control, making the no-loss drain a more efficient option.

No-loss condensate drains can:

  • Improve air quality
  • Eliminate the need for periodic adjustments of interval and cycle times often associated with timed drains
  • Eliminate clogging and pressure loss associated with a float operated valve
  • Reduce energy costs by eliminating air loss
  • Lower maintenance frequency and costs

Timed drains, an alternative to no-loss drains, use a timer to drain under the worst-case condensation conditions and therefore often release valuable compressed air along with condensate.


An incentive of $200 per unit is available for retrofits and new construction projects.


The average payback, including incentive, is less than one year.