Evaporative Cooler – Existing Homes

An evaporative cooler is a home cooling product that is an alternative to central or window air conditioners.

image of evaporative coolerHow does it Work?

Evaporative coolers are usually mounted on the side of the house or roof. The cooler is made of an air handler and a wet pad. A water line is connected to the cooler to keep the pad wet. The air handler draws outside air into the cabinet through the pad, and as the air passes through, water evaporates and draws heat out of the air. This cooled air is then directed into the home. Windows must be opened in the home to operate this product.

What is the Incentive?


How do I Qualify?

  • You must be an Idaho Power residential customer, and either a homeowner or property owner.
  • Qualifying home types are single-family site-built, manufactured, duplex, triplex or fourplex.
  • Your home can be a primary residence, vacation home or rental.
  • The minimum airflow rating must be 2,500 cubic feet per minute (CFM).
  • A maximum of one incentive per home.

How do I Apply?

  1. Review the Terms and Conditions, Incentive Application and Evaporative Cooler Worksheet
  2. Install the new evaporative cooler (self-install or professional).
  3. Complete and submit the Incentive Application and Evaporative Cooler Worksheet.
  4. Submit the completed forms with a copy of the paid invoice to Idaho Power. If professionally installed, also include that invoice.
  5. Receive a check once the application is reviewed and approved.

For assistance with a PDF on this page or to request a PDF in an alternate format, please contact Customer Service at 208-388-2323 or 1-800-488-6151