Idaho General Rate Case

On December 28, 2023, the Idaho Public Utilities Commission (IPUC) approved a settlement regarding Idaho Power’s general rate case filing in Idaho. The settlement Idaho Power and other parties in the case agreed to calls for an overall rate increase of $54.7 million, or an average of 4.25% for Idaho customers. New rates go into effect January 1, 2024.

What is a General Rate Case? 

A general rate case is a proceeding used by the IPUC to review the costs of operating and maintaining the utility system and how those costs should be allocated among customers.

Why did Idaho Power file a general rate case? 

Idaho Power’s last general rate was filed in 2011. Since then, our customer base has grown by approximately 120,000 (23%), and we have been making significant investments in the grid to safely and reliably serve our customers’ growing energy needs. These investments—more than $3 billion in infrastructure since 2011—are the major driver behind this general rate case. Other factors, such as rising operations and maintenance costs, also play a role. Establishing new general rates will help ensure Idaho Power collects the level of revenue from customers necessary to cover our costs and allow for a reasonable return on our investment.

What has Idaho Power done to keep costs down? 

We know rate increases can be hard on customers and have worked diligently to keep expenses down without compromising the service you depend on. Since our last rate case in 2011, Idaho Power’s operating expenses have increased by just 1% annually, while our customer base has grown by 23%—one of the fastest growth rates in the nation.

What are the customer impacts? 

Under the approved settlement, an average Idaho residential customer will experience a monthly bill increase of about $4.44. Impacts for all Idaho customer classes are shown in the table. Actual percentages will depend on a customer’s classification and the rate they pay.

Approved General Rate Case
Percentage Change from Previous Billed Rates
Residential Small General Service Large General Service1 Large Power2 Irrigation
4.90% 4.89% 2.01% 2.85% 5.09%

1 Includes lighting schedules; 2 Includes special contracts

The settlement also increases the residential fixed service charge from $5 to $10 in 2024 and then $15 in 2025. This change is intended to more fairly distribute the collection of fixed costs among residential customers.

How can I learn more? 

For more information about this general rate case, visit the IPUC’s website and reference case No. IPC-E-23-11.