O’Malley Industrial Site


Approx. 33 North 350 West in Burley, ID 83318

Map with legend of the Energy Ready Site

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Property Information

  • The site is comprised of 57.73 acres, surrounded by recreation opportunities and adjacent to NewCold, state-of-the-art cold storage facility.
  • The site is zoned for industrial-commercial and is ideal for food processing, production, and warehouse distribution.
  • Located 4.7 miles from the Burley Municipal Airport and is 5.1 miles from I-84, which is the main transportation route to Boise, Idaho’s capitol city.
  • Halfway between Seattle and Denver.
  • Site is contiguous to city limits and offers rail, fiber and electrical transmission access.
  • Customized workforce training opportunities and recruiting services are available through partnerships with the Idaho Department of Labor and the College of Southern Idaho.

Electrical Service

Idaho Power’s electrical system is constantly changing, therefore solutions and cost estimates are subject to change. Contact us to further refine electrical service needs at this location.


Brent Carver