Large Renewable Energy Purchase Option

Energy Solutions for Your Company

Idaho Power’s clean hydropower generation is our biggest source of electricity.

We recognize some customers want to go further in buying clean energy. For those customers, we have options to develop a custom solution based on their needs.

Large Renewable Energy Purchase Options

You can design a renewable energy supply portfolio to fit your needs. Your purchase will contain Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) products supported by local wind, solar and geothermal projects.

  • Availability of energy sources vary
  • Limited quantities available
  • Minimum purchase of 750 megawatt-hours/year, one-year minimum term

Contact us today to customize your energy mix.

Green Power Program

  • green-e-logoA flexible option for supporting renewable energy
  • Generated from wind (50%) and solar (50%) projects located in Idaho, Oregon or Washington
  • Buy Green Power at $1 per 100 kilowatt-hour block, or choose 100% use option for 1¢ per kWh
  • Flexible — you can cancel at any time
  • Green Power is Green-e Energy™ certified and meets the environmental and consumer protection standards set forth by the non-profit Center for Resource Solutions. Learn more at

Our Energy Mix

  • Nearly half of Idaho Power’s energy comes from clean hydropower.
  • About 28% of our energy is purchased from the market or independent power producers*.
  • Coal-fired generation accounts for about 16% of our fuel mix; however, that amount is declining as Idaho Power transitions away from coal.
  • Natural gas makes up the balance of our energy mix at about 11%.
  • More details about our energy sources are available here.

* Idaho Power sells the RECs it receives in association with this energy, with proceeds benefiting retail customers. Because Idaho Power does not own the RECs for the other qualified renewable resources included in our Resource Portfolio Fuel Mix, Idaho Power cannot and does not represent that electricity produced by this fuel mix is being delivered to its retail customers.