Heading to the Water? Take these Safety Tips with You

This week is National Boating Safety Week, followed by National Dam Safety Awareness Day on May 31. That’s why Idaho Power wants to alert the public to a few safety precautions when boating, swimming or fishing near dams and spillways.

  • Never cross, tie up to or go under buoy lines, and follow all warning signs. These are in place to keep you at a safe distance from dams, because plant operations can cause unexpected and rapid changes in the water level. Also, water that flows into the dam’s intake and spillway can create strong, unseen currents that could pull you under water.
  • Most Idaho Power dams have sirens and strobe lights that signal when dam spillgates are about to open. If you hear or see one of these warning signals, immediately leave the area downstream of the dam or the spillway.
  • When on land, keep off the banks next to the spillway, and don’t climb over protective fences near spillways, dams and substations.
  • Use flotation devices. Idaho Power kiosks have life jackets available to borrow at many of their boat access spots.
    To learn about Idaho Power’s parks and campgrounds for the public to enjoy, visit idahopower.com/recreation. For more safety advice, visit idahopower.com/safety.

Brad Bowlin
Communications Specialist