National Safe Boating Week and Dam Safety Day Bring Reminders from Idaho Power 

This is National Safe Boating Week, and next Wednesday, May 31, is National Dam Safety Awareness Day. Idaho Power is providing safety reminders for anyone going out on a reservoir or near a dam.

  • Don’t wade, swim, fish or anchor your boat directly upstream or downstream from a dam. Normal dam operations can cause unexpected and rapid changes in the water level and flow.
  • Buoy lines and cables with warning signs are there to keep boaters and swimmers at a safe distance from dams. Don’t cross, tie boats to or go under these lines. You could be swept over the dam’s spillway or pulled under by strong currents.
  • Keep off the banks next to dams, and don’t climb protective fences.
  • When boating or using fishing waders, wear a Coast Guard-approved life jacket. Idaho Power has several loaner life jacket stations at sites along the Snake River.

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Maria Willacy
Communications Specialist