Safety Warning: Stay Away From Flooded Electrical Equipment

Wet weather and spring runoff are increasing water levels in many places across our region. Some customers are seeing signs of localized flooding. Idaho Power has an important warning: Stay away from flooded or submerged electrical equipment.

When transformers (the green boxes in subdivisions and elsewhere that contain electrical equipment) are flooded, do not approach them. Idaho Power always recommends staying away from and never touching transformers, especially when flooding occurs.

Just as you would with downed power lines or damaged equipment, if you see a flooded transformer, call Idaho Power at 1-800-488-6151 or 208-388-2323.

Boaters, anglers and anyone else working or playing near water should take extra caution. Spring runoff, heavy rain, water releases from dams and changes in irrigation diversions can cause water levels to change quickly. Wear flotation devices, pay attention to the conditions and respect all warning signs and buoy lines to keep a safe distance from dams.

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Maria Willacy
Communications Specialist