Idaho Power Equipment and Maintenance Help Protect the Grid from Wildfire

Idaho Power works hard year-round to protect poles and other equipment from wildfire, and workers stand ready to respond quickly when events like the Mud Lick Fire near Salmon, Idaho, occur.

Over the weekend, Idaho Power wrapped wooden poles near the Mud Lick Fire in a fire-resistant mesh, and cleared brush and other vegetation away from more poles in the area. The mesh is a relatively new method for protecting poles. For years, Idaho Power has applied sterilant around the bases of wood poles to keep potentially fire-fueling vegetation away. The company also trims trees to keep them away from power lines.

Protecting the grid starts with using high-quality equipment. Idaho Power installs components like poles, wires and insulators that meet or exceed industry standards. The company maintains its equipment with regular visual inspections and replaces worn parts.

These actions help Idaho Power continue its tradition of reliable, affordable energy by reducing outages and the number of poles that must be replaced due to wildfire.

For more information, watch How Idaho Power Protects Wooden Poles From Wildfire.

Sven Berg
Communications Specialist